Top 20 Most Popular Health Tips for 2017

Top 20 Most Popular Health Tips From 2016 to quick start 2017 today

Popular Health Tips 2017

After a season of drinking one to too many glasses of beer bubbles, indulging in ‘just one more piece’ of pavlova and swapping workout sessions for parties, many of us are eager to get back into a healthier routine at the start of the new year. Here Are 20 simple ideas to keep you motivated for a healthy 2017: –

1. Make Sleep On Top Of the Priority List

Having poor sleep disrupts our hunger and stress hormones, making us inclined to indulging in calorie-dense foods with lots of sugar, carbohydrate drinks, and some fat. If you having sleeping disorder, try this relaxation practices such as meditation and yoga. Or try a small snack of foods to help shift the body clock and mind to sleep mode; oatmeal, cherries, or chamomile tea before bedtime. Aiming for seven hours sleep (minimum) a night.

2. Take Small Movement Breaks

Does your back aching after a few hours stooped at your computer? Do you read the same line on a page over and over without understanding anything in? Tuning your own “Break-time alarm” will somewhat happens in your body the minute you’ve hit a wall while doing work. Get up, do some stretches, or have a walk around office; or for the better, head outside for fresh air. Giving self-moment movement breaks a quick way to avoid burnout, increase energy and decrease stress.

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3. Plan Your Meals

It sounds monotonous, but it really does help you to break on track with healthy living. If you plan your meals out a week ahead, you can then guarantee you shop resourcefully and have all the healthy food you need on your refrigerator. It also reduces stress when you’re hungry and tired after a big day without compromising going back and forth the grocery!

4. Drink More Water than Usual

Our bodies contain 90 percent water and we need to fuel it for every function. Aim for two liters of purified water every day.

5. Hang Out With Nature

Trees and other plants are regularly transforming our carbon dioxide into rich fresh oxygen we can breathe. Getting into rich, oxygenated air helps kill bacteria and viruses inside our body, it also improves breathing, and it increases energy. Hanging out in nature also reduces stress and helps connect us to the earth and it’s energy; a process often mentioned to as ‘grounding’.

6. Hug Someone You Love

When you hug your love one, your body releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin that help minimize the risk of unhappiness. It also helps unwanted emotions to settle.

7. Meditate

Take some time to clear your thoughts and disconnect too from technology and people. It can help you feel more balanced and peaceful. Any amount of daily reflection is a bonus, but 20 minutes every morning is a perfect to aim for.

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8. Focus on Your Breathing

Deep breathing for at least five intensive minutes daily. Research shows that deep breathing, even for minutes, can reduce stress hormone. That interprets into less anxiety, better sleep, and less possibility to pack on the weights.

9. Have Daily Fresh Juice

If possible organic juice and with additional green veggies. Green juices are alkalizing to the body and provide sufficient nutrients and health benefits.

10. Reduce Toxins In Your Home

Products having harsh chemicals can upset the body’s hormonal balance and then causes allergies and skin conditions. Remove at least one item from your life that holds toxic chemicals. Look at your laundry and your bathroom cupboards and as products are past their expiry date, work at replacing toxic items with more natural options.

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